Lawn Maintenance

We aim for total lawn maintenance. While providing first-rate lawn grooming service, we also do what is necessary to keep your lawn healthy, encouraging deeper root growth and better turf quality.

Lawn Needs


We provide the needed nutrients, or “food” for grass. For soil to be as rich as possible, it needs 3 key elements:

  • Phosphorous
  • Nitrate
  • Potassium


Our advanced irrigation systems will help make sure that water is available to the grass, while avoiding the danger of overwatering.


Aerating assures access to the necessary amount of air for the grass to breath.

Lawn Care Tactics

Weed Management

Herbicides, and weeding help prevent threats like crabgrss, clover, and creeping Charlie.

Over-Seeding and Slit-Seeding

If your grass is a type that benefits by squeezing out weeds, we are prepared to provide the over-seeding and slit-seeding that can help it.

  • Overseeding – adding grass seed to your existing lawn in order to create a revived, newly green and beautiful lawn that is lush and healthy
  • Slit-Seeding – the mechanical method of planting grass seed that combines a bit of dethatching with seeding; a row of blades that resemble stars dig down into the soil, creating slits in the ground.

Lawn Grooming


We provide complete mowing service, with prompt response and well-planned repeat service to ensure quality care of the lawn and convenience to the customer.


Each time we mow we put the finishing crispness to our cut by our professional edging.

Leaf Blowing

To ensure the health of your grass by allowing it to breathe properly we remove the surface debris with our powerful blowers, putting the final touches on our grooming job.