JLC Gardens

Mississippi Gulf Coast

JLC Gardens is dedicated to helping you curate and upkeep beautiful yards, flowerbeds, or indoor/outdoor plants.  We’re a company with Big Hearts and Helpful Hands. 

JLC Specialties

JLC Specialties


Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers can liven up your landscape, while hanging baskets can add character to a porch, patio, or favorite sitting place.


Shrubs play a key role in establishing a nice flower bed, whether it’s a perennial or evergreen style shrub.


Ornamental, deciduous or Non-deciduous trees are great to add to your lawn in an open area or in your flower beds.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are a great way to add charm to your home landscape and allow you to have many of your favorite fruits just steps away.

House Plants

Houseplants add life, happiness and charm to any room of your home, covered porch, or screen room.

JLC Extended Services

JLC Extended Services

After you purchase your flowers, plants, shrubs, or trees from the JLC Garden Center, we are happy to provide additional services to keep your lawn looking beautiful

Bed Maintenance

After installation, we can help maintain your flower beds, lawn, and landscaping.

Lawn Care

We provide first-rate lawn grooming service to keep your lawn healthy all year long. 

LED Lighting

Custom outdoor lighting helps highlight the beauty of each section in your yard.

Paver Installation

Pavers allow for a functional and dynamic way to appreciate your new flowerbeds.

Raised Garden Box

Our custom-built garden boxes are the perfect way for residential homes to enjoy a beautiful garden.

John Anderson, Owner

"JLC Gardens has always been my dream. I began after Hurricane Katrina with a mission to help rebuild the coast, and I have been able to live my dream for almost 15 years. Thank you to all of my clients for helping JLC Gardens flourish."

Myrna, Plant Expert

"We love working with each customer on a personal basis to make sure they are getting the best possible flowers, plants, shrubs, or trees for each location of their yard. And JLC Gardens is always happy to create custom layouts, too!"

Nicole Kral, Marketing/Media

"Working for JLC Gardens is so rewarding. Creating content for them is EASY, since they have the most beautiful plants and flowers. It has been fun to expand my horticulture knowledge, as well as help broaden JLC's audience across the Gulf Coast."