Irrigation Systems

Irrigation is critical to the health of your landscaping. Using zone-based timers your entire lawn and gardens are faithfully watered, with each plant receiving the appropriate quantity of water, whether they are shade-loving tropical plants that can drink up all the water you can lay on them or dry desert plants that only want a little water.

Sprinkler Systems


Sprinklers with misters, diffusers, micro sprays as well as drip irrigation so that your plants receive their water in ways that do no damage to them.

Easy to Manage

Sprinklers with zone-based timers, modular timers and even smart timers that are weather-based, all to ensure the appropriate quantity of water for each of your plants.

Sprinkler Mapping

With each irrigation system, a detailed map of where sprinkler lines are located is provided

Sprinkler systems are designed for each of your specific needs:

Grass  •  Shrubs  •  Herb Gardens  •  Raised beds  •  Trees •  Flower beds  •  Vegeable Gardens  •  Hanging baskets

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Water Effectively: Drip Irrigation is the most efficient method of watering today.

  • Places a precise amount of water where you need it
  • Prevents overwatering which conserves water and saves money

Time-Saving: Installing a drip system will not only save you water, but time.

  • Eliminate hours of hand-watering
  • Can be fully automated with a timer
  • Reduces or eliminates weeding

Money-Saving: Drip systems inherently water directly to the roots of the plants.

  • Drip irrigation uses 30 to 50% less water
  • Less water loss = lower utility bills

Drainage Systems

Prevent Water Buildup

Use attractive drainage systems to prevent root rot and destructive fungi from building up around plants, trees, shrubs, or even your house. 

Prevent Soil Erosion

Without proper drainage, soil erosion can displace soil from your landscaping to other areas of your yard, which can cause issues with soil depth and damage to your landscaping.   

Professional care for the irrigation systems:

  • Drainage systems designed by experts
  • Backflow testing
  • Submersible pumps
  • Shallow wells to save money on water bills
  • Aerated lawn and garden
  • Winterized sprinkler system to avoid busted pipes