Bed Maintenance and Enhancement

We can design your garden to be uniquely yours, to display a personality, to tell a story. We have an ample array of tools to make it possible, and the creativity and skills to make it happen. You can have just another garden, or you can put us to work to create a garden that once seen will never be forgotten.

Custom Bed Designs

Personalized Layout

Our designers can help you create a custom arrangement of flowers, shrubs and plants, along with special additions such as water features, pathways and LED lighting.

Raised Beds

Raised beds offer a manageable way to garden a smaller space. Benefits include less compacted soil, better drainage, and prevention of plant damage.

Shaped Beds

Depending on the characteristics of your home you may choose an oval, curved, or rectangular shaped flower bed. We can help you decide what is most aesthetically pleasing and how to improve your home’s curb apeal. 

Water Features


Water features such as Rock Fountains or Multi-Basin Fountains can help give your yard a special touch. Fountains are low-maintenance and can be utitlized to be beautiful and functional. 

Add Detail

Landscaping water features add visual interest and charm for potential homebuyers. With the variety of materials, sizes, shapes, styles and colors of outdoor fountains, one can easily achieve a custom look and feel. 

Relaxing Ambiance

Flowing water can calm the mind and revive the spirit, fostering relaxation and peace. TIP: When researching a fountain, look for one with pleasant water sounds!

Mulch & Pinestraw

Healthy Plants

Mulch and pinestraw act as a catalyst in creating favorable growing conditions for plants by promoting uniform plant growth and then slowly decomposing to release organic nutrients that enrich the soil. 


With a variety of mulch and pinestraw options available, you can compliment the colors of your home and make your flowerbeds stand out.

Visually Appealing

Mulch and pinestraw can act as “the bow on top” of your lawn. Naturally uniform in appearance, mulch or pinestraw will give your beds a clean and polished look while highlighting your plants and shrubs.