Variegated Caricature Plant

In the tropics. caricature plant can reach 6 feet tall and wide or more and can be used as a beautiful hedge, at the back of a perennial border, or mixed in with other shrubs.

Caricature plant is a versatile grower that thrives in both full sun and full shade. You typically see darker, richer foliage color in the sun, but you have to water it more.

Water caricature plant regularly. Unlike many common tropical landscape shrubs, it doesn’t hold up well to drought. It’s best to make sure the plant gets about an inch of water a week via rainfall or irrigation.

You can prune caricature plant any time it starts to grow out of bounds. You typically don’t need to fertilize caricature plant when it’s grown in the landscape, but it will grow faster if you do. Fertilize regularly when it’s living in pots for best growth.

Note: Caricature plant isn’t intended for consumption by humans or animals.