JLC Tree Donation Program with the Chamber of Commerce

The winds came tearing through with the strength of a tornado, ripping up trees, buildings, and landscape. The 28-foot surge charged into the coast, plowing up everything in its path. Nobody could forget the day the destructive impact of Katrina left its footprint in Mississippi and her neighboring states. Indeed, to this very day, its mark of devastation is still evident in places.

One of the noteworthy changes is the loss of many precious trees. The Mississippi Gulf Coast has always been known for its magnificent trees. The Friendship Oak Tree that has been here since Columbus discovered America is one fine example. The famous 100 plus oaks of Beauvoir are another. Though Katrina left its mark on these, it has completely removed many other trees from our beautiful coast.

But the Biloxi Coast has lost more than trees over years. JLC has teamed with the Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce and a number of contributors to honor the memories of something far more precious than trees… the lives of their loved ones.