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by | Oct 26, 2015 | Featured Lawn, News | 0 comments

Congrats to Paige Carter on her beautiful home and yard!

The predominant colors of this lovely house are brilliantly reflected in the foliage of the gardens like a paisley tie brings together the various colors in a suit. But the swirls of this “paisley” are gardens of living, growing plants, and required not only an artist´s eye but careful planning and a thorough knowledge of plants in order to select the appropriate flowers and shrubs to produce this amazing effect.

The periwinkles combine the light and dark pinks of the bricks for the front row show of pastel, while more to the background stand the dark red coleus providing contrast. Joining the gardens in the middle the variegated coleus with yellow and red/pink leaves, the pink flowers with yellow stamens, the orange and yellow flowers and shrubs, all combine to knit the colors of the house together, and bring them to life with each breeze like a reflection moving on the surface of a lake.


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